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Training Program


Chase is committed to providing a world class training program from start to finish. He believes that a solid foundation is the key to every great horse. His training process is consistent and methodical. Although he realizes the importance of results, and that show horses often need to be given a timeframe, his priority will always be whats best for the horse.


"My goal is to develop horses that are healthy, confident, happy in their job, quiet and willing, and trained in a way that allows them to have long careers doing any event they need to do."  -CB


Training horses is a long process, and he knows that not all horses are the same. A training program needs to be able to adapt to each horse. Even though the process may vary from horse to horse, the results are very similar, he consistently produces great horses year after year. He attributes much of the success to having a great group of trainers working closely together. Everyone brings something different to the table, and everyone benefits each horse in different areas. 

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